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My name is Jared RandalL, and I like to make things.

I grew up in rural Vermont with an abundance of nature and art to inspire me. Art school led to design school and graduation from RISD prompted relocation to Seattle, where I began freelancing. Almost fifteen years later, after helping Josh Kornfeld build a successful Seattle design consultancy I decided it was time to challenge myself to try something new, so I started Small Craft. 

I’ve always been in awe of large-scale industrial processes, and the creation of the machines that manufacture the things we need and love. At the same time I find satisfaction using hand tools to perfect details by eye and by feel, and I love the idea of producing things locally. With Small Craft, I aim to combine these interests to discover what can benefit from both approaches. Whether  targeting a large production run, or making one item at a time, blocking in a solid foundation, and dialing in details takes hands-on problem solving. It is this problem solving in the pursuit of design excellence that interests me. 

I live and work in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, with my wife Chika (R&L Goods / Velouria), and our son, Lisle.


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More Details

Materials & Finishes:I love the materials I work with, and  try to let the beauty of the material come through in the final product. I aim to use the least toxic substances available, while still getting a finish that stands up to the intended use of the product. For wood, this means I use a simple blend of food-grade waxes and oils (Carnauba, Bee, Tung, and Flax) unless otherwise noted.

Required maintenance depends on use, but after time or exposure to moisture, apply a small amount of oil, let sit for an hour or so, buff with a soft rag, and the initial luster will come back. For additional info on any material or finish, please email me: smallcraftstudio@gmail.com

Custom Requests:
I'm always happy to take on custom jobs, whether it's laser-etching  items for a wedding party, or creation of an entirely new product to fit your needs. With this type of work there are minimum orders which will vary by project. Please email me to discuss your project and we'll work something out: smallcraftstudio@gmail.com

Returns & Exchanges:
Most items are made to order, so unless otherwise noted, all sales are final. If something I made isn't quite right for you, please email me: smallcraftstudio@gmail.com

Wholesale Accounts:
I'm always looking for new galleries and shops that can take my work to new places. If you're interested in establishing a wholesale account, please contact me for details: smallcraftstudio@gmail.com